Farewell to analogue part 2

April 24th, 2012 by Anna Towlson, Assistant Archivist

Continued from part 1. Thanks again to Victoria for hunting out these books and journals.

The Annan Committee on the future of broadcasting was set up in 1974, chaired by Lord Annan and including Hilde Himmelweit, professor of social psychology at LSE, amongst its members. Its remit was wide, taking in the whole broadcasting industry, including new technologies and their funding, the role and funding of the BBC and IBA, and programme standards.

'Tomorrow's TV' by Andrew Quicke (Main Collection HE8700.9.G7 Q6)

'Tomorrow's TV' by Andrew Quicke Quicke's book begins with a survey of the origins and development of Beritish television, and concludes with an open letter to Lord Annan in which he sets out his own recommedations for the future of broadcasting (Main Collection HE8700.9.G7 Q6)

The Committee reported in February 1977, recommending (amongst other things) BBC funding by Licence Fee, a fourth independent television channel, the establishment of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission and an increase in independent production.

Trade publications such as ‘Television and Radio’ (the Independent Broadcasting Authority’s yearbook) and ‘Airwaves’ (the IBA’s quarterly journal) document the industry’s response to the Annan Committee’s report and the changing face of TV through the late 1970s and 1980s  - new programmes and series, the launch of Channel 4 (the ‘friendly and approachable’ face of TV) and the development of cable and satellite channels – as well as its reaction to ongoing concerns about political bias and the levels of sex and violence on screen.

Broadcasting journals and yearbooks

Broadcasting journals and yearbooks, all from the Main Collection, Reserve Periodicals section: top left, 'Television and Radio', 1976; top right, 'Airwaves', 1988; bottom: 'Television and Radio', 1986 (front and back cover).




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